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I have spent years using the words and illustrations in children’s books to share the magic of a great read-aloud, to cultivate a love of reading, and to introduce important topics in an age-appropriate way.

Named after my daughters, Brynnlee & Audrey, B+A Stories is where the stories, characters, lessons, and experiences of my own life are written and published.

Audrey-Saurus and the Bedtime Situation

Written by: Sarah Allison
Illustrated by: Laura Mocelin

Audrey-Saurus is spirited, silly, and totally totally obsessed with dinosaurs. She loves to adventure her way through each day, and do things EXACTLY her own way. Join her as she solves a tricky bedtime situation & discovers that being a problem solver isn’t so bad after all. 

What our readers are saying:

Book Review:
Audrey-Saurus is such a cute & unique book which allows children to love, accept, and embrace all of what they love about themselves! Truly a must have book for all kids!
Book Review:
This is such a fun, sweet story about a dinosaur loving little girl that does everything on HER terms! I love the light hearted story, and also the encouragement for kids to be creative and happy, whatever that may look like for them! It encourages individuality and acceptance of others, even if others aren't just like you! I laughed out loud at some of the stuff Audre-Saurus does - like eating frozen waffles!
Book Review:
Audrey-Saurus is such a fun book! My kids between the ages of 6 and 2 loved Audrey's character and silly outlook on life. This book will be on repeat!


B+A Stories has three books available for purchase: Audrey-Saurus, Each of Us,The Memory Keepers.

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