The Memory Keepers



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Written by: Sarah Allison

Illustrated by: Laura Mocelin


Mia and Ann are young girls who have lost their grandparents to Alzhemier’s. Instead of focusing on loss, they focus on all the ways they now keep the memories for their Grandpa and Mimi. They share special pictures, keepsakes, and moments that help them understand what their grandparents were like before their memories were lost. Alzheimer’s has touched our families in ways we would never wish upon anyone. It was, and remains, a challenge to explain to our own children what is happening to their grandparents. As we navigate these conversations we have focused on the memories, traditions, or important items that our children can keep to remember who their grandparents were before Alzheimer’s. It is my deep hope that this book provides comfort to those struggling with these same conversations. We are all memory keepers. “When Grandpa and Mimi lost their memories, we promised to remember for them.” -The Memory Keepers


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